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I’ll stop posting horse photos, back to moto..
My boy the first day at the vets on fluids, he got really un well and nearly died. 29 5L fluid bags and he slowly came good. He’s doing much better now.

Anonymous asked: Oh my goodness why'd you have to sell your bike!?

I chose to, I wasn’t riding it much and it was just sitting in the shed getting wasted, it was the best, most reliable bike so I thought rather than letting it sit and go to shit, I’d sell it and get good money for it.. also I needed money for my horse.

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Well.. my bike has been sold. Goodbye Rough Rufus.. I’ll miss you..

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_MG_0100 on Flickr.

Anonymous asked: who is ur bf

If you know me, you know him. No ones business, if you want to know bad enough message off anon.

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Anonymous asked: r u singlw

No, I’m not singlw

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IMG_0114 by will topete on Flickr.
Congratulations Bilko!

Anonymous asked: Where do you ride at? because im looking for a place

In Australia?? what do you mean..

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